Bankable: At The Heart of the Reconciliation Process

Bankable: At The Heart of the Reconciliation Process

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Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO, BankableEric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO
A Central Pain Point for Banks and Large Corporates
Large corporates, insurance companies, and banks are currently saddled with complex financial flows. They appear to be fragmented and making of inconsistent data leading to an expensive and an inefficient back office processes, but often this situation is not considered as a key area to invest in. Indeed, we often under-estimate the harsh impact of bills’ reconciliation as we fail to see cash and liquidity as strategic resources for success. However, though those resources have been drastically scorned lately, we need to put reconciliation back at the heart of financial processes.

Bankable in Action

At the vanguard of those innovative transformations stands London-based Bankable, a technology provider hailing from Level 39, the largest European Fintech accelerator—and also founding member of Innovate Finance. Bankable has stepped into the Fintech prism in 2010 to streamline clients’ financial processes using a fast, secure and scalable API or white-labelled Platform-as-a-Service solution broadly adaptable to various needs. Along with developing strong technological solutions, Bankable focuses on building mutually beneficial partnerships with their clients. “We are the friendliest Fintech for incumbent banks,” states Eric Mouilleron, founder and CEO. Based on strong business cases, they quickly bring to market highly differentiated digital banking solutions whilst delivering significant new net revenues and cost-savings to a wide range of clients.

Bankable’s Product Offering

Bankable recently launched virtual accounts designed to implement a new operating model for a wide range of sectors and stakeholders —including large corporates, marketplaces, banks, insurance companies and global Fintechs.

The solution optimizes the reconciliation process through a virtual account management (VAM) platform, which enables clients to replicate their operational structure and create an unlimited number of virtual accounts segregated by country, division, or business units for simplified reconciliation processes. This innovative solution acts as a reconciliatory layer on top of accounts, which makes the need to maintain a huge number of accounts obsolete—and enables enhanced and efficient cash management for global corporates. Clients therefore benefit from a simplified bank account structure, reduction of the processing costs on the payment and collection side, optimization of the reconciliation process, as well as better risk monitoring—whilst full solution implementation can be wrapped up under a few months. For banks, the platform can also come white-labelled with the client’s branding and bundled as part of a new solution offering.

Likewise, in a scenario where numerous vendors and clients are part of a specific marketplace and as Bankable offers real-time clearing and settlement for all parties’ accounts, the company’s solutions actually go beyond reconciliation purposes. Indeed, Bankable has built a financial processing engine that is business-case agnostic and adept at handling different business functions (including accounts, payments and processing).

How Bankable helps companies

Bankable’s capacity to deliver agile payment solutions helped them grow as a key stakeholder in the reconciliation landscape. “The optimisation of the reconciliation process is our core business,” begins Mouilleron. As a reference, he cites an instance in the insurance realm where an insurance fee of $10 is charged to the flyer when buying a ticket online for a New York-bound flight. If there is a flight delay of two hours, the insurance company is obliged to compensate each flyer with $200. “We have plugged in our platform to the delayed flight’s database such that the flyers receive a real-time payment notification on their mobiles, substantially increasing customer satisfaction. From a payer’s perspective, back offices’ processes have been drastically automated and associated costs reduced,” Mouilleron explains.

Presently based out of Europe, Bankable is amidst exponential growth— with key markets targeted including the U.S. and Canada.

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London, UK

Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO

Bankable is a global architect of innovative digital banking solutions providing a secure and scalable middleware platform. The company’s modular infrastructure enables financial institutions, corporates, and FinTechs to develop and deploy bespoke or turnkey banking solutions. Bankable’s platform is available in white-label or via APIs. It offers real-time payments as well as cross-border payments and virtual account services, e-ledgers, virtual & plastic card programs, e-wallet. The business is connected globally to multiple sponsor banks, processors, card manufacturers, and other suppliers in the payments ecosystem and also provides program management services enabling the business to deliver an end-to-end solution for corporate and consumer payment programs