ClearStructure Financial Technology: Real-Time Transaction-Based Portfolio Management

ClearStructure Financial Technology: Real-Time Transaction-Based Portfolio Management

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Hedge fund managers are often on the lookout for innovative ways to improve their operational efficiency and expand their asset base amid growing competition in the industry. Instead of adopting the traditional ways of responding to proliferating product offerings by increasing the headcount, they now recognize the need to invest in technologies that can help them be efficient. “The ever-evolving landscape forces hedge funds to play both sides of the field. They need to be reactive and proactive in identifying and implementing technology solutions that allow them to deliver alpha and remain competitive,” says Scott Turley, the CEO of ClearStructure Financial Technology.

ClearStructure understands that hedge fund managers need to avoid risks associated with employing disparate systems and outdated technology and thus brings a flexible portfolio management system, Sentry PM, to help them be on the cutting-edge of technology. “When hedge fund managers look at solutions, they not only consider cloud-based offerings but customization as well, and Sentry PM lives up to such expectations. It meets clients exactly where they are and where they go, allowing them to future-proof their technology,” states Turley. Sentry PM comes with an unparalleled set of features that differentiate it from others in the industry. The solution boasts various functionalities including a real-time P&L, reconciliation to multiple prime brokers, customizable dashboard with user-defined fields, and the option to view aggregate position holdings with the choice to drill down to the tax-lot level detail. It serves as a cross-asset, multi-currency platform, which enables clients to only opt for the features they need but also add functionalities as required.

Sentry PM was designed with the flexibility to adjust to varied types of workflows, the adaptability to comply with market innovation, and the scalability to grow with clients’ businesses. It consists of multiple modules that are fully integrated with the rest of the system.

Sentry PM meets clients exactly where they are and where they go, allowing them to future-proof their technology

This ensures seamless operations between the front, middle, and back office and makes Sentry PM the true STP solution. Another significant feature of the product is auto-reconciliation of position and transaction data with administrator, custodians, prime brokers, and interested parties. This does not just ensure data accuracy but also reduces manual efforts. Additionally, it facilitates hedge fund managers to track and report unresolved breaks with the counterparty for unresolved differences and execute daily tri-party reconciliations for each account.

In a nutshell, ClearStructure’s Sentry PM—real-time transaction-based portfolio management tool—allows faster uptimes and streamlined, easy-to-navigate user experience along with greater accessibility, which proves to be ideal for hedge fund managers.

Sentry PM was developed by a group of IT professionals to assist with tasks that involved management of over $5 billion in fixed income and structured finance accounts. “Unlike other software firms, our solution was developed by those in the trenches, with a deep understanding of the needs of funds, which speaks volumes about the solution’s capabilities,” adds Turley. The ClearStructure team ensures that the solution is always aligned with the changing market requirements in order to provide investment managers unmatched functionality to keep them going. “We see growing adoption of cloud-based solutions like Sentry PM as a new normal for the industry. Hedge fund managers pride themselves on being nimble in changing market conditions and in such a scenario, solutions designed specifically to meet their needs such as Sentry PM are quickly becoming the answer,” Turley concludes.

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ClearStructure Financial Technology

Danbury, CT

Scott Turley, CEO

ClearStructure Financial Technology is an independent software company that has over 15 years’ experience working with financial institutions of all types. Sentry uses the latest web technology to deliver a powerful, highly customizable front-to-back office solution to some of the largest financial institutions and most well-respected financial institutions across the globe, helping to streamline operations and lower total cost of ownership. Founded in 2004, ClearStructure Financial Technology is a privately held firm based in Danbury, CT. The firm offers portfolio management systems, syndicated loan trading, hedge fund software, and direct lending